Carcinogenic Pesticides

140 €

Personal carcinogenic pesticide exposure sensor Certified laboratory analysis Interpreted report

Carcinogenic pesticides may be present in your daily environment and contribute to the development of cancer.

This test kit allows you to accurately measure your personal exposure to these carcinogens.

Are you exposed to carcinogenic pesticides and if so to what extent?

The Personal Pollution Sampler (PPS) is a bracelet that must be worn for 7 days.

After this period, you send the sensor back to the laboratory and our team of experts will analyse it with state-of-the-art technology to find traces of pollution in your environment.

The results are presented in a detailed report and interpreted with reference values.

Why measure your exposure to carcinogenic pesticides?

Exposure to chemicals contributes to the development of cancer and it is essential to limit exposure to substances known to be carcinogenic. The first thing to do is to measure your exposure in order to identify the sources of pollution and act effectively.

Some of the carcinogenic pesticides such as lindane and pentachlorophenol are also Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). According to the definition of the Stockholm Convention, they degrade very slowly, are toxic and bioaccumulative. For these reasons, they continue to pollute our daily environment more than 30 years after their ban.

How to measure your exposure to carcinogenic pesticides?

Carcinogenic substances are present in our environment and in the air we breathe.

To measure your personal exposure, nothing could be easier than wearing a bracelet. The ambient pollution will be captured by the PPS bracelet throughout the day.

A period of 7 days is quite representative of our daily life. For this reason, wearing the bracelet for a period of 7 days is very important to allow a fine evaluation of the exposure to carcinogenic pesticides.

It is the analysis of the PPS bracelet in the laboratory that allows the level of exposure to be measured. The results are presented in a detailed report and compared with reference values to position your result in relation to the general population.

What pollutants are tested for in the PPS Carcinogenic Pesticides kit?

Chemicals are studied by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to assess their carcinogenic character. A classification of substances into several groups according to the level of evidence is proposed:

  • Group 1: carcinogens (sometimes called proven carcinogens or definite carcinogens),
  • Group 2A: probably carcinogenic agents,
  • Group 2B: agents that may be carcinogenic (sometimes called possible carcinogen),
  • Group 3: agent unclassifiable as to carcinogenicity,
  • Group 4: agent probably not carcinogenic.

The substances tested in the EXPOZOM Pesticides Carcinogenicity Test are classified by IARC as a Group 1, 2A and 2B carcinogen.

Due to their toxicity, the prevention of exposure to these substances is classified as a high priority for public health by international health authorities, including WHO, US EPA, European Union, ANSES and HEALTH CANADA.

Why use a PPS Carcinogenic Pesticide Test?

  • Know your personal level of exposure to carcinogenic pesticides
  • To identify carcinogenic pesticides present in your daily environment
  • Understand the risks associated with carcinogenic pesticides and be able to take action to protect your health
  • Receive advice on how to limit your exposure to carcinogenic pesticides

What are the benefits of using a PPS Carcinogenic Pesticides kit?

Easy to use: nothing could be easier than wearing a bracelet!
Highly accurate measurement results
Reliability of a certified French laboratory using state-of-the-art technology
Complete and anonymous analysis report
Your analysis report :

Available within 10 working days
Presents the amount of each carcinogenic substance detected by the PPS bracelet in ng. This quantity is compared with reference values
Proposes solutions to limit daily exposure
Presents the main technologies to protect oneself from exposure to carcinogenic substances.


What does the PPS Carcinogenic Pesticides kit include?

A PPS bracelet
The analysis of your sample in a certified French laboratory
The interpretation of your results by biomonitoring experts
A complete and personalised analysis report
Precise instructions to guide you step by step through the sampling process and a sampling sheet for the interpretation of the results
Prepaid return of your sample to the laboratory

How to use your PPS Carcinogenic Pesticides kit?

This measurement kit is very easy to use:

The PPS bracelet must be worn on the wrist at all times for 7 days.
Once the 7-day period has elapsed, the PPS bracelet and the sampling form are returned to the laboratory with the pre-paid return envelope.

View or download detailed instructions for the kit

How many tests do I need?

Only one PPS Carcinogenic Pesticides test kit is needed to measure a person's exposure.