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15 €

Pesticide exposure test Measurement of pesticides in hair Analysis performed in a certified laboratory Participatory Science Individual analysis results on request

Good Food Good Farming and EXPOZOM invite you to participate in the cross-European Pesticide-CheckUp. This citizens-science project aims to analyse the hair samples of European citizens for pesticide residues. Together, we call attention to the need for better EU policies that protect people and nature from the exposure to potentially harmful pesticides. Join us now and order your test-kit here!


How to participate in the Pesticides-CheckUp campaign?

  • Each participant orders a sampling kit for 15€.
    The sampling kit includes the return of the sample to the laboratory.
    By sending your sample to the laboratory, you contribute to the common effort and will receive a summary of all the results of the measurement campaign.
  • If, in addition to the results of the campaign, you wish to obtain your individual analysis results, specific to your sample, then you will have to pay the cost of your analysis, i.e. 135€ (in addition to the cost of the sampling kit).
    In this case, you will receive not only a summary of all the results of the measurement campaign, but also your analysis results in an individual interpreted report.


What are the advantages of hair analysis?

Pesticides present in the body are incorporated into the hair structure during their synthesis. Hair grows on average 1 centimeter per month and retains the memory of our exposure. Thus, the analysis of the first 3 centimeters allows us to evaluate our exposure over the last 3 months.

The hair is also:

  • Easy to collect and transport
  • The sampling is non-invasive
  • The incorporated pesticides are stable over time
  • The hair can be stored at room temperature


What substances are tested for in the Pesticides-CheckUp campaign?

The hair analyses cover a selection of 30 of the most used pesticides in Europe. These are herbicides, fungicides and insecticides that are authorized for agricultural use in the European Union.

The list of pesticides tested in the hair is available at the bottom of this page in a PDF document.


What does the Pesticides-CheckUp sampling kit contain?

  • A template for the sampling of long hair
  • A scale for the sampling of short hair
  • Aluminum foil to protect the sample
  • An envelope for the protection of the sample
  • An international prepaid envelope for sending the sample to the laboratory


How to take your hair sample

  • The hair is taken from the scalp with a pair of scissors. If your hair is too short, it is possible to collect other types of hair (axillary, pubic...).
  • Instructions for collection are given in the instructions for use available in a PDF version at the bottom of the page.
  • The sampling kit contains a template and a scale to help you take the hair sample.
  • Once the sample has been taken, the hair is placed in a protective foil and envelope.
  • The sample and questionnaire are sent to the laboratory by post with the prepaid envelope.


How are pesticides analyzed in the hair?

The hair samples are analyzed in a laboratory according to a precise protocol:

  1. - The hair strand is cut to isolate the first 3 centimeters from the scalp.
  2. - The hair is then crushed to obtain a powder.
  3. - A precise mass of the hair powder is weighed into a glass test tube and a precise volume of extraction solvent is added.
  4. - The suspension is stirred and incubated in an ultrasound bath and then centrifuged.
  5. - The liquid extract is then analyzed by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry detection (LC-MSMS) and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry detection (GC-MSMS).


What happens next?

All the results of the study will be presented in a summary report accessible to all.