Naturopaths and natural medicines

The alternative, traditional and personalized soft medicines have a holistic approach of the health problems.  The organism and its environment are considered as an inseparable whole. Their objective is to diagnose, treat symptoms and causes, prevent diseases and anticipate their evolution. 

The exposome concept is in line with the philosophy of alternative and traditional medicine. It is a global approach aiming at knowing the whole of the environmental exposures likely to have an impact on the human health. 

"Many diseases have their origins in the daily environment of patients."

Environmental pollution affects each person differently.  Predispositions to chronic diseases, the leading cause of death for humans, are, according to the WHO, inscribed in the genetic heritage of each person (genome) but it is the environment that activates their expression.

The exposome also explains the different response of each person to identical treatments.  

"Measuring the exposome allows us to understand how our daily exposure (professional and personal activities) impacts our health."

Knowledge of the exposome provides practitioners with essential information on the presence of toxic substances in the body or environment of patients and allows the implementation of preventive and curative strategies.

Expozom helps to find, understand and identify.

The measurement of biological parameters and the knowledge of the expsome are powerful tools to find the causes, understand the mechanisms and identify the symptoms of chronic diseases such as:

  •     Diabetes 
  •     Cardiovascular diseases 
  •     Cancer 
  •     Neurological disorders 
  •     Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases 
  •     Asthma 
  •     Allergies 
  •     Endocrine diseases 
  •     Liver and kidney disorders 
  •     Migraines 
  •     Skin diseases

Which practitioners use the exposome?

Many practitioners, aware of the importance of measuring exposure to toxic substances, use EXPOZOM solutions to help them in their diagnosis:

  •     Naturopaths 
  •     Homeopaths 
  •     Nutritionists 
  •     Phytotherapists 
  •     Specialists in detoxification of the body  

How to measure the exposome?

EXPOZOM proposes to measure exposure to pollutants in our daily environment: 

  •     Biological analyses to measure the contamination of the body by heavy metals, pesticides, plasticisers and flame retardants. 
  •     Environmental analyses to measure ambient air pollution by volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Why measure the exposome? 

  •     To assess the health risks of exposure to pollution.
  •     To identify the pollutants potentially responsible for chronic diseases.
  •     To help patients limit their exposure to prevent the risk of chronic diseases.
  •     To slow down or even stop the evolution of a chronic disease.
  •     Reduce the risk of relapse caused by the patient's environment.
  •     To highlight field observations.
  •     Prevent occupational diseases.
  •     Reduce asthma and pulmonary pathologies.
  •     Supporting parents before conception and during pregnancy to limit the effects on the embryo and fetus.
  •     Preventing congenital and endocrine diseases.
  •     To study reproductive disorders.
  •     To link a pathology to an environmental cause.


Why use EXPOZOM solutions? 

    Simplicity of use: reliable and very simple sampling methods, requiring no technical skills. 

  •     Highly accurate measurement results. 
  •     Reliability of a certified French laboratory using state-of-the-art technology. 
  •     Complete and anonymous analysis report. 
  •     Prepaid return of samples included in the kit from many countries.