Corporate hygienist and occupational medicine

Tools for the assessment of occupational exposure to chemical agents.

The use of chemicals is very common in companies and in the craft trades. Employees and craftsmen are exposed to substances that can pose health risks.

Furthermore, it is the employer's criminal responsibility to protect his employees from occupational diseases. For this purpose, company managers can rely on occupational medicine and company hygienists.

The assessment of occupational exposure and the prevention of occupational diseases are the main tasks of the occupational hygienists carried out in collaboration with occupational medicine.

Knowledge and temporal monitoring of the exposome enable occupational hygienists and physicians to support their diagnoses and formulate recommendations.

EXPOZOM proposes to measure exposure to chemical agents in the work environment:

  •     Biological analyses to measure the contamination of the body by heavy metals, pesticides, plasticisers and flame retardants.
  •     Environmental analyses to measure air pollution in the workplace by volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

EXPOZOM now provides occupational hygienists and physicians with reliable, innovative and economically acceptable biomonitoring tools for:

  •     Assessing occupational exposure and planning the implementation of improvement and prevention actions.
  •     Monitoring of occupational exposure in order to know the evolution of exposure and to evaluate the effectiveness of the preventive and curative actions implemented.
  •     Establishing links between occupational exposure and occupational diseases.

Occupational diseases are classified under two schemes:

  1.     General scheme (RG): concerns anyone employed by a company and craftsmen, with the exception of agricultural professions.
  2.     Agricultural regime (RA): specifically concerns agricultural professions.

Heavy metals and associated occupational diseases:

  •     Lead: RG1 - RA18
  •     Mercury: RG2 - RA12
  •     Manganese: RG39
  •     Cadmium: RG61 - RG61 bis -RA42
  •     Arsenic: RG20 - RG20 Bis - RG20 ter - RA10
  •     Chromium: RG10 - RA34
  •     Nickel: RG37 - RG 37 bis - RG 37 ter
  •     Antimony: RG73


Pesticides and associated occupational diseases :

  •     Pentachlorophenol: RG14 - RA13 - RA13 bis
  •     Lindane: RA13 bis
  •     Organophosphates: RG34 - RA11
  • ​    Pesticides: RA58 - RA59


Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs and associated occupational diseases:

  •     Tetrachloroethane: RG3
  •     Benzene: RG4 - RG19
  •     Aromatic hydrocarbons: RG19 bis
  •     Halogenated hydrocarbons: RG9 - RG12 - RG21
  •     Carbon tetrachloride: RG11
  •     Formaldehyde: RG43 - RG43 bis - RG28 - RG28 bis
  •     Methyl methacrylate: RG82
  •     Organic solvents: RG84

Why use EXPOZOM solutions?

  •     Easy to use: reliable and very simple to perform sampling methods, requiring no technical skills.
  •     Highly accurate measurement results.
  •     Reliability of a certified French laboratory using state-of-the-art technology.
  •     Complete and anonymous analysis report.
  •     Prepaid return of samples included in the analysis kit from many countries.

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