General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale (GTCS)

The website proposes information, solutions for measuring human pollution exposure.

The EXPOZOM™ brand, the website and its content are properties of SCIENCE CONCEPT SAS, registered in the Strasbourg Trade Register under No. 848 157 970, whose registered office is located at 2 rue de la Durance, 67100 Strasbourg, France and hereinafter referred to as the "Supplier".

The EXPOZOM™ trademark is protected. The reproduction or use of the textual and graphic elements of the site and of the EXPOZOM™ products is not authorised without the prior consent of SCIENCE CONCEPT SAS.

The website is referred to hereafter as the "website".

The user, the visitor and the customer of the website are hereafter referred to as "user", "visitor" or "customer".

The products available on the website catalogue are hereinafter referred to as "products".

The order hereinafter referred to as "order" means a validated basket including one or more products and shipping costs.

The present general terms and conditions of use and sale (CGUV) are subject to change without prior notice.

The applicable CGUV are those available on the website on the day of the order.


Conditions of use

By browsing the website, the user agrees to accept and comply with the general conditions of use and sale set out below.

The website includes general and technical information. It is subject to change without notice. The provider is not responsible for the use of the information available on the website by users. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information available on the website is suitable for their requirements.

Minimum age

The protection of the data and privacy of the users of the website is a priority for the provider.

The provider undertakes not to collect personal data from users under the age of 16 or any other age limit imposed by the laws of the user's country of residence.

By registering on the website, the user confirms that he/she has reached the legal age of majority in his/her country of residence.

Collection, Management, Protection and Use of Personal Data

The protection of the data and privacy of the users of the website is a priority for the provider. This chapter presents to the user the nature of the personal data collected on the website or by any other means (telephone, social networks, ...), the policy of protection, management and use of personal data by the provider.

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Nature of the personal data collected

The data including in particular the names and first names, the postal address, the email address, the telephone number are collected at the time of the creation of an account, the realization of an order on the Internet site, or the exchange of information by any types of means of communication (chat, email, social networks...).

The supplier may acquire, in accordance with the legislation, personal information or databases of personal information from a third party for communication and commercial purposes.

Protection of personal data

The provider acts in accordance with the legislation in force concerning the protection of personal data.

The data collected is stored on secure servers to ensure the protection of users' personal data.

In the event of a security problem, the provider will inform the customer.

Use of personal data

The supplier is strictly committed to the following uses of personal data (evolving list):

  •     Processing the request (name, first name and email)
  •    Creation of a user account (name, first name, address, email, telephone)
  •     Orders on the website (complete + bank)
  •     Communication of information (name, surname, email) notably by email and social networks
  •     Satisfaction surveys and polls (name, first name, email)
  •     Scientific research (complete)
  •     Marketing and Commerce


When purchasing products and services on the website, banking data (account number or credit card number...) will be collected.

To process the order, the supplier uses subcontractors (carrier, laboratory, manufacturer and distributor of equipment, etc.). The supplier undertakes to transmit the minimum amount of information to the subcontractor and to ensure compliance with the regulations in force concerning the management of personal data.

Personal data will be communicated if required by law, a court order or by other governmental or legal entities.

Right to access, modify or delete personal data

The user has the right to access, modify or request the deletion of personal data collected by the provider. To exercise this right, the customer must contact the supplier by email. The e-mail sent must include the following information

  •     name, first name, customer number, order number
  •     the subject of the request


The Provider undertakes to provide the requested information and to implement the changes requested by the user within a reasonable time.

In the event of a request for deletion of data, the provider cannot be held responsible for the consequences of this request, in particular concerning access to the results and reports of analyses and controls.

Use of the website

The website proposes information, solutions for measuring  human pollution exposure.

In compliance with the present general conditions of use and sale of the website, the user can freely access the information and order solutions to measure human pollution exposure.

The supplier's teams are developing the website to improve the experience of its users. In order to provide a quality service, the user is invited to inform the supplier by email at of any remarks or problems encountered during his visit.

The provider is not responsible for the content, practices, terms of use and privacy practices of third party websites linked to the website. These links are provided for information purposes only.


The customer selects from the product catalogue the product(s) he wishes to order on the website and adds the product(s) to his shopping cart. Once the selection is complete, the customer proceeds to the ordering process and selects the desired delivery option from those proposed.

The customer is free to use the carrier of his choice for the transport of EXPOZOM products outside those proposed by the supplier. In this case, the transport costs are the responsibility of the customer. The supplier cannot be held responsible for any problem linked to the transport and the integrity of the order.

The amount of the purchases is indicated inclusive of all taxes, excluding any customs duties which are payable by the customer.

After filling in the personal information required for the processing of the order (Name, First name, Email, delivery and billing addresses, etc.), the customer validates the order and proceeds to the payment of the order.


To validate his order and proceed to payment, the customer must accept the present general conditions of use and sale. He can then make his secure payment using the solutions proposed: Bank Payment Card, Bank Transfer, Paypal®, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The supplier reserves the right to apply processing fees depending on the payment method selected. The customer will be informed of the amount of these charges before proceeding with the payment of his order.


The order is validated by the supplier. Once payment has been received, a package including the order is sent to the postal address provided by the customer.

The supplier verifies the delivery information and may, in case of doubt, ask the customer for additional information before sending the order.

The supplier cannot be held responsible if the address provided is incomplete or erroneous.

Receipt of the order

The customer receives the order and checks its content. He shall also check the presence of anyone of the elements of each product ordered.

Before sending the order to the customer, the supplier ensures that the order is processed in accordance with defined specifications and internal quality control procedures. Despite our best efforts, in the event of an incomplete order or missing elements, the customer must inform the supplier by email within 48 hours of receiving the order and noting the missing elements. The email sent to must include the following information

  •     the order number
  •     the subject of the request
  •     the list of missing elements in relation to the order placed and validated


The supplier will reply to the customer as soon as possible to inform him of the good reception and the treatment of his request. In the event of missing elements, the supplier will send the missing elements to the customer at no extra cost.

Use of the products

The customer shall carry out the sampling himself. The instructions and conditions of use are provided in each product and are available on the website.

The supplier reminds that the reliability of the results of the analyses and measurements depends on the conditions of use by the customer. The customer undertakes to read and strictly observe the instructions and conditions of use of the EXPOZOM™ products.

The supplier is at the disposal of the customer to answer any questions regarding the instructions and conditions of use of the EXPOZOM™ products. The customer should send questions and requests to the supplier by email. The email sent to must include the following information.

  •     the number of the order
  •     the subject of his request

The supplier cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from failure to follow the instructions and conditions of use.

Return of samples

The customer shall send the sample and all the required information (sample sheet) in the prepaid envelope provided.

The Customer is free to use another means of transport (other carrier) but the supplier accepts no responsibility for the transport and integrity of the sample(s) sent.

Receipt of the sample

The supplier shall receive the sample(s) and ensure their compliance for the laboratory analysis process.

The client is informed of the receipt of the sample and the expected date of availability of its analysis report.

In the event of non-conformity noted on receipt of the sample(s), the client will be informed of the nature of this non-conformity and of the choices proposed for the continuation of the analysis work. The client will have to validate whether or not to continue the analysis work. Until the client's instructions are received, the sample will be put on hold.

Analysis reports

The supplier prepares a complete and interpreted analysis report which is available for download in the client's personal and secure area on the website

Depending on the product, the analysis reports are available within 15 to 25 working days of receipt of the samples at the laboratory. The timeframe is indicative and does not bind the supplier. The supplier shall inform the client of any delays in the availability of the analysis report.

The supplier shall inform the client if its service cannot be carried out within a timeframe that guarantees the reliability of the results.

In the event of an analysis carried out on a non-compliant sample, the supplier shall specify in the analysis report the difficulties encountered and whether the reliability of the results is not guaranteed.

The analysis reports are anonymous, identified by a unique code provided with each EXPOZOM™ product and do not include any personal information.

The information contained in the analysis reports is indicative. Insofar as the use and installation of the products are carried out by the customer, the results contained in the analysis report may not be used in any judicial, administrative or any other kind of action, in particular for the purpose of serving as evidence on any grounds whatsoever, which the customer expressly accepts and undertakes to respect.


The customer may cancel his order within 14 days from the day following the receipt of his order. The customer then has 14 days to return the order.

To exercise his right of withdrawal, the customer must send his request within the legal time limit by email to . The customer must indicate the following information.

  •     the number of the order
  •     the subject of the request
  •     the bank details for the refund

The supplier will inform the customer of the processing of the request, the response to it and will confirm the procedure for returning the order.

The order must be returned in its original packaging and the products sealed. The customer must return the order to the following address:


Science Concept

2 rue de la Durance

67100 Strasbourg



The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the order.


Only items returned intact and sealed will be eligible for reimbursement of the order.


The returned items will be checked on receipt and the supplier will inform the customer of the receipt of the returned order and any observations.


The supplier undertakes to refund the customer within a reasonable period of time after receipt of the returned order.


Many EXPOZOM™ products include perishable items whose further use could not be guaranteed.


For EXPOZOM™ products including perishable elements a fee of 30€TTC per perishable element will be retained in case of cancellation of the order.


If the cancellation occurs before the order is sent, the customer will be reimbursed the full amount of the order.


Settlement of disputes


French law shall apply and disputes shall be settled by the Commercial Court of Strasbourg (France).

Scientific Research


The supplier designs, participates in and carries out scientific projects related to human pollution exposure. (state of the art, measurement campaigns, impact on health, remediation methods).


The results of the analyses carried out by the client are anonymous and do not include personal data. They can be used for scientific research purposes related to the improvement of knowledge on human pollution exposure.


The results of the research may be published by the supplier on any communication medium (electronic, paper, video, audio, etc.). They may be the subject of summary documents intended for governments, legislators, industry, non-governmental organisations and associations.