PCB Hair Analysis

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PCB exposure analysis Measurement of toxic compounds Test performed in a certified laboratory

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PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls are persistent organic pollutants that bioaccumulate and are toxic to humans and their environment.
For these reasons, it is important to measure exposure with a hair analysis. This biological test for PCBs will allow you to know your level of exposure and to act to limit your exposure.

Banned since the 1980s, PCBs have been widely used as flame retardant additives and electrical insulators in many industrial applications such as high voltage transformers. They were also introduced into everyday products such as furniture foams, fabrics and plastics.
These uses combined with their persistence in the environment and their bioaccumulative nature has led to a global contamination of our environment and the food chain up to humans. 

Humans are exposed by three main routes:

  •     Inhalation of polluted air.
  •     Ingestion of contaminated water or food.
  •     Skin contact with the substances.

Since they are no longer used today, inhalation and ingestion are the main routes of human exposure to PCBs. 

Knowledge of the exposome is based on measuring exposure to these pollutants in biological samples such as hair.
EXPOZOM proposes the measurement of PCBs in the hair to assess exposure.

What are the main health risks of PCB exposure?

PCBs are bioaccumulative, which means that once they are absorbed, it is very difficult for the body to eliminate them.

  •     According to the WHO, PCBs are proven human carcinogens (Group 1).
  •     PCBs are endocrine disruptors and their effects can be seen at low doses of exposure.

Chronic exposure to these substances therefore presents a risk to the health of the population. The health authorities recommend limiting exposure as much as possible, especially for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Indeed, they cross the placental barrier and are present in breast milk. They can have effects on the development of the embryo, the foetus and infants.
EXPOZOM carries out PCB research in the hair to assess your exposure.

Several levels of analysis are proposed:

The PCB family has 209 chemical forms depending on the number and position of the chlorine atoms on the biphenyl structure.
A list of 32 PCBs has been defined and includes the most commonly used (6 Indicator PCBs) and the most harmful (12 Dioxin-Like PCBs).

Depending on the chosen variant, the analysis covers the 18 Indicator and Dioxin-Like PCBs or the 32 PCBs of the WHO list including the 18 Indicator and Dioxin-Like PCBs.
The list of analysed PCBs is available here : Molecule EXPOZOM PCB hair.

Why use an EXPOZOM PCB test?

  •     To know your real level of exposure to PCBs.
  •     To identify the PCBs present in your environment.
  •     Understand the associated risks and be able to take action to protect your health.
  •     Receive advice on how to limit your exposure.

What are the benefits of using an EPOZOM PCB analysis kit?

  •     Easy to use: reliable and very simple sampling methods, requiring no technical skills.
  •     Highly accurate measurement results.
  •     Reliability of a certified French laboratory using state-of-the-art technology.
  •     Complete and anonymous analysis report.
  •     Prepaid return of the samples included in the kit from many countries.

Your analysis report:

  •     Available within 10 working days.
  •     Presents the concentrations of the organic pollutants analysed expressed in pg/mg (picogram of pollutant per milligram of hair). This concentration is compared to the main international standards and allows you to interpret your level of exposure to PCB pollution.
  •     Recommends effective solutions to limit your daily exposure.
  •     Presents the main technologies to protect yourself from exposure to this pollution.

What does the EXPOZOM PCB kit include?

  •     A device that allows you to take the necessary amount of hair for the analysis.
  •     The analysis of your samples in a certified French laboratory.
  •     The interpretation of your results by biomonitoring experts.
  •     A complete and anonymous analysis report.
  •     Precise instructions to guide you step by step in the performance of your sampling and a sampling sheet for the interpretation of the results.
  •     Prepaid return of your samples to the laboratory.

How to use your hair sampling kit?

  •     The measurement of exposure to organic pollutants is carried out on the first few centimetres of a strand of hair.
  •     Use the device provided to take your hair sample.
  •     Carefully place the hair in the aluminium foil provided for the protection of your sample.
  •     Send your sample to the laboratory with the collection form, using the pre-paid envelope provided.

How many tests do I need?

Only one EXPOZOM PCB test kit is needed to measure a person's exposure.

PCB Hair Analysis

Analysis of PCB exposure. Laboratory test.
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