Reprotoxic/ Fertility Analysis

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Analysis of exposure to reprotoxic substances Measurement of pollutants that affect fertility Test performed in a certified laboratory

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Nowadays, around 15% of couples have difficulty conceiving a child and consult health professionals for fertility problems.

The tests are often cumbersome and invasive and focus on the individual to identify functional disorders in the body before considering the environmental factors that may be causing the fertility disorders.

We are exposed daily to chemicals that affect fertility: reprotoxic substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, plastic additives (plasticisers), flame retardants and heavy metals.

These substances can be found in the air we breathe, in the water and food we eat, and in many products we use at home or in the workplace.

Exposure to these chemicals can be a cause of fertility disorders.

Exposure to reprotoxins is assessed by measuring them in the air (VOCs) and in the hair.

What are the main symptoms of exposure to reprotoxins?

  •     Reduced ability to concentrate and think.
  •     Neurological disorders (tremors).
  •     Coughing and irritation of the respiratory tract, especially the nose and throat.
  •     Eye irritation and conjunctivitis.
  •     Headaches.
  •     Disorders of the menstrual cycle.
  •     Low sperm vitality and/or low sperm count.
  •     Liver and kidney disorders.
  •     Mood and behavioural disorders.

Reprotoxins easily pass the respiratory and digestive barriers to reach the bloodstream and be distributed in the body.

What are the main health risks of exposure to reprotoxics?

 Reprotoxic pollutants are responsible for numerous health problems (asthma, allergies, cancers, etc.) and contribute to the reduction in fertility observed by health professionals.

The main consequences of exposure to reprotoxics are

    Disorders of spermatogenesis.
    Disorders of ovulation.
    Decreased fertilisation capacity.
    Increase in the waiting time before pregnancy.
    Difficulty in implantation of embryos (spontaneous abortion).
    Disruption of libido and sexual behaviour.
    Congenital abnormalities.
    Delays in growth and development (foetus and child).

What pollutants are tested for in the Expozom Reprotoxics/Fertility Test?

The full list of molecules tested is available here: Reprotoxic molecules / Fertility

Why use an EXPOZOM Reprotoxics/Fertility Test?

  •     To know your exposure to reprotoxic chemicals.
  •     To understand the associated risks and to be able to take action to protect your health
  •     To improve your fertility and your chances of conceiving a child.
  •     Receive advice on how to limit your exposure.

What are the benefits of using an Expozom Reprotoxics/Fertility test kit?

  •     Easy to use: reliable and very simple to perform sampling methods, requiring no technical skills.
  •     Highly accurate measurement results.
  •     Reliability of a certified French laboratory using state-of-the-art technology.
  •     Complete and anonymous analysis report.
  •     Prepaid return of the samples included in the kit from many countries.

Your analysis report:

  •     Available within 15 working days.
  •     Presents the concentration of each pollutant analysed expressed in µg/m3 (microgram per cubic metre of air) for VOCs and in pg/mg (picogram per milligram of hair) for other reprotoxins. This concentration is compared to the values of the main international standards and allows you to interpret your level of exposure to reprotoxins.
  •     Gives clear indications to identify the sources of the detected pollutants.
  •     Recommends effective solutions to limit your exposure to pollution on a daily basis.
  •     Presents the main technologies to protect yourself from exposure to air pollution.

What does the Expozom Reprotoxics/Fertility kit include?

  •     A passive sensor used for the sampling of reprotoxic VOCs in the air.
  •     A device to collect the necessary amount of hair for the analysis.
  •     Analysis of your samples in a certified French laboratory.
  •     Interpretation of your results by bio-monitoring experts.
  •     A complete and anonymous analysis report.
  •     Precise instructions to guide you step by step through the sampling process and a sampling sheet for the interpretation of the results.
  •     Prepaid return of your samples to the laboratory.

How to use your reprotoxic exposure test?

Exposure to reprotoxins is assessed by taking a sample of ambient air and a hair sample.

Volatile reprotoxins:

  •     The measurement of air pollution by reprotoxics is performed with a passive sensor.
  •     The sensor must be worn for a period of 7 consecutive days on the outer surface of clothing.
  •     At night it should be placed next to the bed.
  •     At the end of these 7 days, the sensor is returned to the laboratory with the sampling form, using the prepaid envelope provided.


Other reprotoxics :

  •     The measurement of exposure to reprotoxics is performed with a hair analysis.
  •     Use the device provided to take your hair sample.
  •     Carefully place the hair in the aluminium foil provided for the protection of your sample.
  •     Send your sample to the laboratory with the collection sheet, using the pre-paid envelope provided.

How many tests do I need?

Only one Expozom Reprotoxics / Fertility test kit is needed to measure a person's exposure to reprotoxic chemicals.

Reprotoxic/ Fertility Analysis

Analysis of exposure to reprotoxic substances. Laboratory test.
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